Specially designed to help dogs who bark, growl or otherwise “lose it” on walks

Our students rave about their dog’s improvement after taking these classes! Reduce your dog’s embarrassing, and potentially unsafe, tantrums with proven transformational exercises. SouthPaw helps you get results. Bring the joy back to your daily walks!

Make no mistake. This class is serious business for pup owners who are ready to dig in and make real, lasting changes for the better. Every class is packed with resources and exercises that push you and your dog’s brain and muscle memory. Check it out below!

“The course was perfect for my big guy. The personal attention was exactly what he needed”

Jenni Tyler

You and your dog will learn how to confidently work as a team to:

  • Minimize embarrassing public melt-downs.
  • Manage your dog’s home environment for better walks
  • Reduce stressors contributing to difficult behaviors
  • Discover hidden reasons for your dog’s outbursts
  • Adopt cool training tools the pros use for best results
  • Use the top tips and skills modern trainers use for reactivity
  • Discover your dog’s hidden skills.
  • Have fun again!!!

How Do We Do It?
Trainer magic? Nope. Over many years working with these behaviors we’ve crafted incredible tools for you:

  • Intensive Growl Class Packet – Includes…
    • Changes you can make today to increase peace at home and on walks.
    • How and when to use management instead of training.
    • Understanding the long term health effects of stress.
    • Deep dive into why these behaviors occur.
    • Learn the secret dog body language. Mind blowing!
    • and MUCH MORE you will utilize for the life of your pet.
  • Carefully planned curriculum taught by experienced, credentialed trainers.
  • Weekly video and written tutorials for practice at home.
  • Real life class environment to safely practice with other dogs.
  • Filmed sessions to help coach you and your dog – Advanced Class only.


Growl Class is for dogs who are reactive including lunging, barking, or even growling when they see other dogs or people.
We will show you how to teach your dog to encounter and calmly walk by other dogs or people without these problem behaviors. Instruction includes foundation & focus skills training, advanced leash handling, management strategies, classical conditioning, and counter-conditioning behavior modification techniques.
Click Register Today for upcoming class dates. Class size is very limited. Register early to save your spot!

Class meets one (1) time a week for five (5) weeks.
Each class is one (1) hour long.
All classes are held outdoors in various Mount Pleasant locations.
Participant Fee – $325
Auditor Fee
– $115
No Prerequisite Class Required


Congratulations! You graduated Growl Class, and you and your dog have loads of skills.Ready to build on that foundation? Join us for challenging real life set-ups with fellow classmate’s dogs and stranger-dogs – all with the support of our experienced trainers. Build your dog’s focus on you training with fun games. Work towards greeting other dogs and people in an up-close and personal way! We even film sessions to review and coach for improvement. Click Register Today to see upcoming class dates.

Class meets one (1) time a week for four (4) weeks.
Each class is one (1) hour long.
All classes are held outdoors in various North Charleston or Mount Pleasant locations.
Participant Fee – $240
Prerequisite Class Required: SouthPaw Growl Class

NOTE: SouthPaw uses modern, science-based behavior modification techniques. NO choke, slip or prong collars are permitted in class.

Next Class Starts May 4th on Daniel Island!









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