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Sure, picking up poo can be annoying and even downright disgusting. I can’t stand it. But it is part of the responsibility I took on when I made the commitment to bring a dog into my life… and then another one… oh and then there’s the cats too and the litter box. Play with us at the best casino on the internet at fruitinator kostenlos. Doubled deposit! Go over and win!

I wish everyone who has a dog understood the importance of being a good pooper scooper and made one of their first priorities dealing with “number two.” I, for one, am tired of stepping in dog poo when I do my part to clean up after my critters.

First, there’s the inconvenience of having to smell it as we continue our walk, especially on a hot day. Then I carefully take my shoe(s) off before entering the house making sure I juggle them as to not let them touch down anywhere while I unload the dogs. After, there’s the careful removal of said poo and disinfecting of the shoes. Lovely time.

Second, the health hazards are tremendously serious not only to our pets but also ourselves. The benefits of picking up after your pet far outweigh any risk of actually coming in contact with the feces. A single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and serious kidney disorders in humans. There is greater risk of coming into contact while cleaning off your shoes as above, touching your dog’s paws after a walk or sitting on the grass than picking up the feces.

Third, environmentally speaking, storm water pollution is greatly increased by feces left on the ground. It doesn’t just break down and become fertilizer as some people think. Dog feces is highly toxic unless processed in a very specific way (possible but difficult) and when it does finally break down into the ground, those toxins sit until washed into the water table below by rain fall or snow melting. From there, they flow to our waters. Completely preventable.

If you or someone you know is not yet convinced to pick up after pets, even though I disagree, I can see why there might be resistance. It’s an ugly part of pet care. Hopefully the below resources will persuade. They go into more detail with facts, statistics and solid arguments that make clean up more important that the “Eww” factor.

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