Kong, Kong, Kong: all Kong toys rock! Blue are for puppies with softer teeth, Red are for normal, adult chewers, Black are for adult, extreme chewers. Buy a whole bunch of them in different shapes and sizes. Fill with treats like kibble topped off with peanut butter or even plug one end with peanut butter and fill with water and freeze for a cool chewing treat in the summer. Great recipes here.

Chuck-It: Indispensable for any dog that fetches! It is a long curved piece of plastic for flinging a ball. You can pick the ball up without getting slimed. Play with us at the best casino on the internet at fruitinator kostenlos. Doubled deposit! Go over and win! The curved shape also allows for further throwing and your arm won’t tire as quickly. See it here.

Busy Buddy: This product line is invaluable at enriching your Dog’s life.  Many people who have more than one Dog must separate them when it’s feeding time to prevent resource guarding or one Dog stealing the food of another.  We simply place about a 1/4 cup of Rocco’s kibble in one of the cone shaped toys for him to play with after he finishes his main meal.  He goes to it immediately when done at his bowl and rolls the toy around with his nose and paws to release the extra kibble inside.  It is the perfect item to occupy him while V finishes his meal in peace.  Times when we forgotten to put it on the floor after filling it, Rocco stares at us until we place it on the floor for him to enjoy.  He gets very excited to play with it.

Everlasting Treat Ball: Amazing! This was first recommended by a vet behaviorist who specializes in dog anxiety as a tool to use in separation anxiety counter conditioning. We use it when we need to get our dog, Rocco, seriously focused on something other than activities that make him anxious, like my husband and I departing the house. It’s great for any dog whenever you want to keep them happy, occupied, and settled down, like when you have several guests over for a visit. Some extremely strong chewers can tear the rubber on this toy apart. For those dogs, I recommend stuffing a black kong instead.

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