About SouthPaw
C.C. with The Kids

The Trainers

C.C. Bourgeois, owner & lead trainer

C.C. truly adores the profession of Pet care and is passionate about teaching Dogs, Cats and their Humans. With over 10 years experience in the Pet care field including training, grooming, and extensive work with feral animals and rescue groups, her genuine desire to help others is backed by the practical skills needed to do so. Play with us at the best casino on the internet at fruitinator kostenlos. Doubled deposit! Go over and win!

Her concept of “training” has always been one of nurturing any potential relationship between people and their Pets by improving communication and understanding between the two. She gets just as excited as owners do when their Pet has a good behavior break-through. Gambling has never been so exciting as with mr.bet. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun!


A major advocate of adoption and ethical breeding practices, her current menagerie of Pets came to her through various adoption paths.  C.C. most recently volunteered with the Anne Arundel County SPCA in Maryland before moving to Charleston, and hopes to connect with local Charleston organizations to contribute to their already amazing efforts. While at the MD SPCA, her goal was to encourage Basic Manners by teaching or refreshing skills such as Loose Leash Walking, Sit and Wait in order to improve any Dog’s adoptability and understanding of human expectations.

C.C. also worked with the SPCA in the Bahamas for several years creating an educational outreach program, working in the capture/spay/release program and assisting in operating room prep/surgery/post operative procedures as well.  She saw many horrifying things working in the program but those strengthened her resolve to help change for the better occur.  There is always much reward in shelter and rescue work and this was true in the Bahamas as well.

Her hope in training Pets is to improve their chances of staying in their homes or ending any cycle of animal surrender in which they currently find themselves.


She seeks to continuously refine and grow her expertise by studying with the most respected professionals in the positive, reward-based training world using the most up to date scientific methods and tools – see Credentials. She is noted for making training fun and shows great patience with her clients while challenging them to learn more and succeed. She will work to discover how you and your pet learn and present information in the best way possible for you to make progress with your pet.

One of her maxims is, “Provide what you promise. Respect the individual Human and Pet. Strive for excellence and progress.”

As an active Professional Member of The Association for Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), C.C. takes very seriously her commitment to abide by the association’s Code of Ethics and joined APDT over other professional trainer associations as she feels their goals of education and community outreach for animal advocacy reflect her own. C.C. uses pet-friendly, reward-based training techniques. These methods motivate the animal to choose to work with the owner and truly learn instead of being forced to submit in order to obey. She is thrilled to show pet owners how easily their Dog or Cat will choose the preferred behavior when provided clear communication and motivation based on proven learning theory principles.

C.C.’s experience is extensive and her tool box of training skills full. She can teach you how to motivate your dog in all sorts of ways including utilizing Lure Reward training, Clicker training and Shaping. She can also help your pet with Behavior Modification needs for problem behaviors such as Aggression, Fear and Separation or Isolation Anxiety by carefully designing a modification protocol for the specific need.


“I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors and shaking hands and paws!”


  • C.C. was very thorough in understanding Remy’s schedule, feeding and preferred play routines. She kept detailed notes so thorough that I learned a bit more about his needs. “Aunt C.C.” was always a great sounding board about his training and development with helpful techniques for curbing his barking, walking properly on his leash and house training.

    —Lacey Davidson, Annapolis, MD

  • Months after adopting our dog, my confidence evaporated as she continued to make every walk a struggle. After working with C.C. on recognizing and rewarding positive behavior we are now able to navigate most situations without combat. C.C.’s training also allowed us to finally trim Midna’s nails with a minimum of fuss. Thanks for everything!

    —Ingrid Jansen, Annapolis, MD

  • C.C. Bourgeois is the very best as a professional and trainer. Katie is doing better walking on lead, getting in and out of the car and we can now manage her reactive tendencies better too. The many print-out guides were a great help! We used them after our Private Consult sessions and Day Training.

    —Mickey Cook, the parent, and Katie, a grateful well behaved doggie, Roland Park, MD

  • SouthPaw changed our entire perspective helping us understand our dog was acting out for attention and not out of aggression and to reinforce for good behaviors rather than only scolding for the bad. We can finally assert more control at the dog park and other distracting places. It was the best decision to use SouthPaw!

    —Karen and Andy Mohl, Crofton, MD

  • I wanted to personally thank SouthPaw! Ben has certainly come a long way and we now know how to deal with him. He has been neutered and is making social visits to the vet. Huge improvement! SouthPaw really did help us out more than they know. They really are great at what they do.

    —Nancy Miller, Gambrills, MD

  • I would highly recommend SouthPaw. Our Rottweiler puppy had issues with resource guarding and going to the vet. C.C. helped us understand what goes through a puppy’s mind. If it were not for her very helpful advice and time spent with us, I think Ben would not be with us now.

    —Craig Miller, Gambrills, MD

  • I take referrals very seriously. My clients deserve the best and I refuse to subject them to subpar services. I am more than confident in SouthPaw. I have referred many clients and each one has been very pleased with not only the outcome of the training but also with SouthPaw’s professional nature.

    —Scott K. Andersen, DVM