About SouthPaw

Meet the Pack

SouthPaw currently has four critters in the pack. All were adopted from various sources and each has their very own unique personality and story.


Play with us at the best casino on the internet at fruitinator kostenlos. Doubled deposit! Go over and win! Rocco is a character to say the very least. He is now 6 yrs. old and when we adopted him in ’09 we had no idea he would bring us so many challenges and yet so very much joy. Because his breed, Sicilian Greyhound (Cirneco dell’Etna), is not well known, much of the health and temperament issues that come with over breeding by humans has not happened with this breed. Consequently, they are known for being very healthy, strong, even tempered and easier to train than most similar breeds. All can be said of our little man, Rocco, except that his rough start in life – his first three and a half years in a kennel – left him with severe anxiety. Most Sicilian Greyhounds do have that intense stare, but, due to his anxiety, his can be even more wide-eyed and pronounced if on alert. He has taught me just how real anxiety issues are in animals and that, more than in any training/desensitization scenario I have encountered, patience, progressing slowly and repetition are key to success. We have a long way to go and changes to his environment often cause set-backs, but he is a brave boy and has come far. As with client’s pets, my heart melts and I am overjoyed when Rocco is able to move beyond a roadblock. When he is feeling no anxiousness and romps through a field with a big smile on his face, it warms my heart. He is such a clown. Most dogs sigh deeply as they settle in to nap, but Rocco has a full repertoire of sighs, grumbles, and moans he works through most every time he snuggles into his favorite curled up position like a cat. He is the world’s best bed warmer. All plans to have him sleep in his crate or on his dog bed went straight out the window once we experienced his exceptionally toasty skills aided by his ability to mold like putty to our napping needs.


Annie adopted me in the spring of ’06. At 6 months old, she marched into my backyard, and with her gorgeous big eyes (that the rest of her body hadn’t yet grown into) and a barely audible meow, demanded sustenance. I complied and she has let me shelter and adore her ever since. Annie has been very patient with me and the rest of the family. Every time she thinks her world is settled, another animal gets added to the pack. First, she encountered two giant cats, Chubbs and his equally massive brother who has passed away. Then Rocco showed up on the scene wanting to lick her and has this piercing stare he gives her. “What’s up with that?” she seems to ask. “Just when that ill-mannered beast became acceptable, another one shows up! This newest one is twice as large and much more hairy… and, again, more staring!”  But don’t be too sorry for poor Annie. She has a blast on our patio reminding the birds at our feeder who is boss and enjoys one of her favorite past times there too as an excellent mouser. She is quite content.

Valentino, a.k.a. “V”

Our most recent addition to the pack came to us in the fall of ’11 and is 6 years old like Rocco.  Many are fooled by his lumbering canter and think he is older until they see him sprint across a field and “play-herd” his companions.  He is truly a gentle giant and keeps a very close, protective eye on those fortunate enough to be considered by him to be part of his pack.  He is still adjusting to some of the routines of his new family but is such an easy going fella that he has almost seamlessly joined us.  Valentino is quite happy to learn new rituals and let us lavish attention on him as well.  He is very stoic yet sensitive and studies us like an alien taking notes about his strange and comical humans.  Chubbs is completely unfazed by his presence which is great because “V” enjoys kitty company.  Now, if only Annie would let him hang out with her.  She is such an alluring little mystery to him, that one.  One minute she is swirling her tail in a doorway, batting her eyes at him, and the next she is making that hissing sound when he goes in for a closer sniff.  Well, it sure isn’t boring around here!  That’s for sure.


Chubbs (yes, with two “b’s” because there’s a lot of chub) is our oldest family member at 13 years. He is a heavy weight indeed. His brother was as well, but Chubbs always had a little “extra.”  He has become quite the curmudgeon in recent years, but allows his family to worship at the altar of Chubbs frequently. He also suffers from arthritis which contributes to his need for careful petting in areas that aren’t sore.  All other interlopers must earn approval from “The Chubbers” before being granted purrs, rhythmic happy paws, loud meows and the sacred blissed-out-kitty drool. Other than the Maine Coon breed, I’ve never seen paws as massive! Chubbs has taught me that even an older kitty can learn new tricks including positive counter conditioning to the intrusion of new four-leggeds moving into his home in a short period of time. He was a tough customer at first, but with a great deal of cat nip and lovin’, we have become true friends. I am honored that besides his Pappa, I am the only other person who he will tolerate receiving his insulin injection from without a fight. Thanks, Chubbers!


  • C.C. was very thorough in understanding Remy’s schedule, feeding and preferred play routines. She kept detailed notes so thorough that I learned a bit more about his needs. “Aunt C.C.” was always a great sounding board about his training and development with helpful techniques for curbing his barking, walking properly on his leash and house training.

    —Lacey Davidson, Annapolis, MD

  • Months after adopting our dog, my confidence evaporated as she continued to make every walk a struggle. After working with C.C. on recognizing and rewarding positive behavior we are now able to navigate most situations without combat. C.C.’s training also allowed us to finally trim Midna’s nails with a minimum of fuss. Thanks for everything!

    —Ingrid Jansen, Annapolis, MD

  • C.C. Bourgeois is the very best as a professional and trainer. Katie is doing better walking on lead, getting in and out of the car and we can now manage her reactive tendencies better too. The many print-out guides were a great help! We used them after our Private Consult sessions and Day Training.

    —Mickey Cook, the parent, and Katie, a grateful well behaved doggie, Roland Park, MD

  • SouthPaw changed our entire perspective helping us understand our dog was acting out for attention and not out of aggression and to reinforce for good behaviors rather than only scolding for the bad. We can finally assert more control at the dog park and other distracting places. It was the best decision to use SouthPaw!

    —Karen and Andy Mohl, Crofton, MD

  • I wanted to personally thank SouthPaw! Ben has certainly come a long way and we now know how to deal with him. He has been neutered and is making social visits to the vet. Huge improvement! SouthPaw really did help us out more than they know. They really are great at what they do.

    —Nancy Miller, Gambrills, MD

  • I would highly recommend SouthPaw. Our Rottweiler puppy had issues with resource guarding and going to the vet. C.C. helped us understand what goes through a puppy’s mind. If it were not for her very helpful advice and time spent with us, I think Ben would not be with us now.

    —Craig Miller, Gambrills, MD

  • I take referrals very seriously. My clients deserve the best and I refuse to subject them to subpar services. I am more than confident in SouthPaw. I have referred many clients and each one has been very pleased with not only the outcome of the training but also with SouthPaw’s professional nature.

    —Scott K. Andersen, DVM