About SouthPaw
The SouthPaw Pack

The SouthPaw Pack

SouthPaw encourages adoption due to the plethora of animals available through shelters, breed specific rescue groups and the web.  It is possible to adopt the breed or mixed breed of Pet for which you are searching. Play with us at the best casino on the internet at fruitinator kostenlos. Doubled deposit! Go over and win!

SouthPaw supports purchasing a Dog or Cat only from the most ethical breeders and only after having exhausted adoption avenues.

SouthPaw worked with a breeder when considering a rare breed (our Cirneco dell’Etna, Rocco).  That truly ethical breeder, knowing we were open to adoption, informed us there were a couple Dogs in need of permanent homes, so we opted to adopt instead of purchasing a Puppy from that breeder.  This breeder even came to visit us from Texas to Maryland on her annual road trip in which she takes time to visit all of the Dogs she bred and their new families.  She simply wanted to meet us and see Rocco in his new home even though he wasn’t one of hers and she had never met him before.  Wonderful breeder!

Meet the Pack

Our Pets are our family with successes, misfortunes and accomplishments and we celebrate them all.  We enjoy them so much we even dedicated one of our Pinterest boards to their photos, and we like it when they weigh in on our Facebook page with helpful tips for humans.  Here’s a little bit about each of them.  learn more +


  • C.C. was very thorough in understanding Remy’s schedule, feeding and preferred play routines. She kept detailed notes so thorough that I learned a bit more about his needs. “Aunt C.C.” was always a great sounding board about his training and development with helpful techniques for curbing his barking, walking properly on his leash and house training.

    —Lacey Davidson, Annapolis, MD

  • Months after adopting our dog, my confidence evaporated as she continued to make every walk a struggle. After working with C.C. on recognizing and rewarding positive behavior we are now able to navigate most situations without combat. C.C.’s training also allowed us to finally trim Midna’s nails with a minimum of fuss. Thanks for everything!

    —Ingrid Jansen, Annapolis, MD

  • C.C. Bourgeois is the very best as a professional and trainer. Katie is doing better walking on lead, getting in and out of the car and we can now manage her reactive tendencies better too. The many print-out guides were a great help! We used them after our Private Consult sessions and Day Training.

    —Mickey Cook, the parent, and Katie, a grateful well behaved doggie, Roland Park, MD

  • SouthPaw changed our entire perspective helping us understand our dog was acting out for attention and not out of aggression and to reinforce for good behaviors rather than only scolding for the bad. We can finally assert more control at the dog park and other distracting places. It was the best decision to use SouthPaw!

    —Karen and Andy Mohl, Crofton, MD

  • I wanted to personally thank SouthPaw! Ben has certainly come a long way and we now know how to deal with him. He has been neutered and is making social visits to the vet. Huge improvement! SouthPaw really did help us out more than they know. They really are great at what they do.

    —Nancy Miller, Gambrills, MD

  • I would highly recommend SouthPaw. Our Rottweiler puppy had issues with resource guarding and going to the vet. C.C. helped us understand what goes through a puppy’s mind. If it were not for her very helpful advice and time spent with us, I think Ben would not be with us now.

    —Craig Miller, Gambrills, MD

  • I take referrals very seriously. My clients deserve the best and I refuse to subject them to subpar services. I am more than confident in SouthPaw. I have referred many clients and each one has been very pleased with not only the outcome of the training but also with SouthPaw’s professional nature.

    —Scott K. Andersen, DVM