CC standing with dogC.C. Bourgeois is a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers  (APDT), associations for trainers who are committed to improvement through education, C.C. is dedicated to humane training practices, a high ethics standard and staying current on training techniques. To this end, she regularly attends intensive training seminars for her profession and studies training literature and scientific behavioral articles.  She also takes part in webinars conducted by the respected authorities in her profession containing the most current knowledge-base available in animal behavior training. With C.C., you won’t get any outdated, old fashioned training advise based on using intimidation or force for even the most difficult behaviors.

C.C. is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), and a Pat Miller Certified Trainer (PMCT). She has also trained directly with many of the top modern trainers in the world and has been featured in Whole Dog Journal and  Carolina Tails, a local Charleston, SC shelter magazine. C.C. is also certified in Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR for your Pet’s optimum safety during training sessions.

What is the CPDT-KA?

Certification is not currently necessary to be a dog trainer; however, SouthPaw is a supporter of trainers receiving true certification like the CPDT-KA which is…

  • Offered by an independent group which is not connected to any educational organization the applicant previously attended.
  • Determines an applicant’s abilities by testing on a wide set of criteria developed by independent leaders in the field.
  • Requires Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain that certification.

This allows for an objective assessment of a trainer’s abilities giving you the confidence to know you have chosen an experienced, knowledgeable professional who keeps current on the most respected, current methods and useful skills in the industry.

What is a CSAT?

Malena DeMartini-Price has literally written the book on Separation Anxiety (SA) with the most current effective techniques. She carefully selects a small number of experienced trainers to complete hands-on study working directly with her in this three (3) month program learning to treat Separation Anxiety. The course included a commitment of eight (8) hours of work a week and both written and practical mid-terms and final exams. C.C. is one of only 44 CSATs in the world and, upon graduation, was especially honored to be invited by Malena to be a member of her CSAT Staff. Malena is renowned in the dog training world for her expertise in dog SA  disorder. She is the author of Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs and has contributed articles on separation anxiety to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ (APDT) journal, Chronicle of the Dog. She lectures on SA at professional dog training workshops and conferences throughout the world, including the APDT annual conference. Malena is an honors graduate of the esteemed San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, where she studied under Jean Donaldson, and is a member of the APDT and the Pet Professionals Guild.

What is a PMCT?

C.C. became a Pat Miller Certified Trainer (PMCT) after completing three (3) of her internationally acclaimed academies and attends Pat’s workshops regularly. Each of the three academies was an intense six (6) day course taught entirely by world renowned author and trainer, Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, and included passing strict written and practical exams for certification in Canine Behavior & Training, the Instructor’s Course and the distinguished Behavior Modification class. Pat Miller has been a dog trainer for over thirty (30) years. She is the founder of Peaceable Paws Dog & Puppy Training Center in Fairplay, MD and is on the Board of Directors of the APDT. She is a leading proponent of positive dog training techniques, a seminar speaker, training editor for The Whole Dog Journal and award-winning author of seven (7) books on dog training and behavior including her most recent contribution to training reactive dogs, Beware the Dog. Her articles, books and booklets are studied and followed worldwide by trainers and owners. You will find them very helpful too!

A Sampling of Continuing Education

4-Day In-Person Workshop
SIRIUS® Dog Training Academy
Dr. Ian Dunbar, PhD (Hons), BVetMed, MRCVS

3-Day In-Person Workshop
Reactive Rover Workshop
Pat Miller, CPCC-KA, CPDT-KA

Separation Related Problems
Chirac Patel, BSc (Hons), PGCert (CAB), CPBC, DipCABT

A Look Inside Your Cat’s Head: The Science Behind Your Cat
Kristyn Shreve, M.En., BS, BA,

Resource Guarding between Animals: Causes and Remedies
Ken McCort, Animal Behavior Consultant & Trainer

2-Day In-Person Workshop
Chicken Camp for Dog Skills Training
Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP Faculty

1-Day In-Person Seminar
The Fear and it’s Fallout- Aggression and Anxiety
Trish King, CPDT, CDBC

Bring Out Your Dog’s Best Behavior in Five Easy Steps
Presenters: Suzanne Hetts, PhD, CAAB and Daniel Estep, PhD

More information explaining the different types of trainer certifications:
Trainer Certifications: What Do All Those Letters After Everyone’s Names Mean?

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